Never Leave Your Gun Unattended

Our gun holsters are designed to make your handgun available to you while you're seated comfortably in your car. That doesn't mean you'll holster it there and leave it there. This brings up an interesting situation like when you're going into some off-limits areas such as the County Courthouse (I know we never go there, but still).

In this situation don't just leave your handgun in the holster. Lock it in your glove box, or pick up a GunVault Nano Gun Safe and keep it locked under your seat.

Magnum Research Baby Desert Eagle Car Holster is now Available

It seems like it has been awhile since I added a gun model to our lineup. Not sure why it took so long to get the Baby Desert Eagle on board, it is a fantastic handgun, but we have it now.

Car Holster Available for Baby Eagle from Magnum Research:

More information on the weapon from Magnum Research:

Chicago Mayor Asks for Stiffer Gun Sentences

Illinois was one of the last, if not the last, state in the union to pass legislation allowing and regulating possession of firearms in public. We were very happy to see that they came around. The Chicago Tribune now reports that the Mayor of Chicago is seeking tougher sentences on illegal firearm possession, and of course, that could mean tougher times for legal firearm possession as well.

Rep. Brandon Phelps, D-Harrisburg, who negotiated the concealed carry measure on behalf of gun-rights groups, wouldn't directly link Emanuel's proposal to the new law. But he maintained the mayor's plan could ensnarl law-abiding citizens and put them in prison for three years due to bureaucratic mistakes.

The full article can be found here:,0,6785172.story

Taken From His Car And Assaulted

“He’s taken out of the car. He is assaulted,”

We hear a lot in the media about road rage and dangerous drivers. What we don't hear much about is how defenseless we are while behind the wheel. We are seat belted in our cars, with our legs in front of us, a steering wheel and a dashboard. We are facing forward with very little room to maneuver. 

There isn't much we can do to defend ourselves in the event of an attack on us while we're driving. It takes only seconds to smash your car's windows and rip you from your vehicle, yet the police are more than several minutes away and likely haven't been dispatched yet. I've personally witnessed the driver of a car in front of me get out of his car, walk up to the next car yelling and screaming and beat on the driver's window. It is a nerve racking experience when only two people are involved in the dispute; I can only imagine what it was like with many aggressive bikers revving their motors, hitting your vehicle, slashing your tires and then assaulting and pulling you from your car.

Our hearts go out to Alexian Lien, his family and everyone injured during the event.

Read more:

Concealed Carry Violations

Is it reasonable to assume that someone would recognize that you're carrying a firearm?

If someone were to just look at you normally, would they obviously see that you're carrying a handgun?

If someone put some effort into it, could they figure out that you're carrying a handgun?

You're carrying a firearm, and nobody sees it, then by definition it is concealed enough. If someone sees you're armed but doesn't think anything of it, then you're in an awkward position. If someone sees your firearm and calls the police then you're in violation. If the police see you're armed, you might be in violation. We all know how to judge that we're carrying concealed, but mistakes happen, you know?

Long story short. I got pulled over. Speeding 50 in a 45. My gun was in the driver door panel, mostly concealed, I mean unless you're putting your head through the window and looking for a gun you wouldn't see it. Rolled down my window, handed my licenses to the officer.

Here's how it went:

Yes I'm armed.

Where is it

In the door panel


Here (pointing cautiously)

(Partner through passenger window) I see it! right there by his leg.

Please step out of the vehicle sir.

Whether or not the gun was concealed didn't even come up. The one officer was just excited he could see the gun. They took the gun for the duration of the ticket writing, and then gave it back to me.

What's your story? Have you been slapped with or nearly slapped with a conceal carry violation?

Velcro Car Holsters Prototype to Reality

Velcro has always been on my mind as a solid mounting option. Versatile and super easy to mount, it seems ideal. The problems during testing didn't arise from the velcro on the holster, rather from the velcro sticking to the car panel. Car holsters are unique in that they don't get jostled around too much, but they do need to stay put for long periods of time. After much debate, we're now offering velcro as a mounting option for your next car holster.

Car Holsters With Velcro

  • Include velcro stitched into the back of the holster
  • Do not include a spare magazine holder on the back of the holster
  • Do not include a standard mounting kit
  • Still work with standard mounting kit, so if you wanted to later secure the holster further with hardware you can do that

Glue Melts in Desert Heat

The velcro on the holster will be glued and stitched so it won't just peel off in excessively hot conditions. If you happen to live in a hot climate and want to use velcro, sticking to your car's carpet is definitely an option, you don't even need the other half of the velcro. If you do end up sticking the other half of the velcro to a car panel, please be conscious that the heat can cause the velcro glue to separate from the car panel. This happened to us in Texas in less than a week during the summer prototype tests.

Visit our online store for more information about our car holsters.

The Perfect Car Holster

We made a great car holster, but our quest for the perfect holster was far from over. We tested and tested and then tested some more and came up with some interesting finds that would cause us to tweak this holster design and turn it into the perfect car holster.

Five Features of the Perfect Car Holster

Here are the primary features that drove our design and evolution of these exceptional car holsters: 

  1. Rigid. Can mount the holster to flimsy or flexible surfaces
  2. Adaptable to many different mounting locations / angles / and works both left and right handed
  3. Effortlessly draw your firearm without jamming your fingers or making awkward motions
  4. Save room by keeping the gun close to the mounting surface, not jutting out from the surface
  5. Minimize impact to mounting surface

Rigid Mount

The mounting system had to be rigid. This is because most surfaces in your car are curved. If the mounting plate curved or deformed then the holster would deform and your gun would no longer fit correctly.

Multiple Options

Options are all about accessibility, safety, usability. If you're constrained then the holster simply wouldn't work for a lot of cases. With many options available to you, you can get the gun holster mounted in the perfect position maximizing your firearm's utility.

Effortless Draw

A gun is worthless if you can't easily put it to use. We don't want you to have to train yourself on your new holster. It should just work. This means a very tight fit so that friction holds the gun in place. No straps, clamps, snaps or other awkward devices making it difficult to remove the gun. Effortless also means plenty of room for your hand. Just reach out grasp the handle and then draw your firearm.

Save Room

Who doesn't need more room? With your firearm held comfortably against the wall of your console box or glove box you'll find that you still have room for your gloves, sunglasses, and extra magazines in there.

Minimize Impact

As minimal of an impact as possible to the vehicle. To this end we reduced the number of screws to three, that along with a tiny hole diameter (#6 screws) there really isn't much done to your vehicle's interior panels. Want to do something different? The mounting bracket is rigid so it should adapt to other panels that you could then secure inside your car as well.

The Perfect Holster

These are the car holsters that we press today. A design that is now field tested with over 1500 units sold and with an ever expanding list of firearms covered, chances are we can make a car holster for at least one of your firearms. Take a look at our product page.

Saving Room in Your Center Console With Our Car Holster and Mount

When we first launched Texas Custom Holsters and got to the point that we were making quite a few holsters we put a Glock 19 car holster in the smallest center console we could find. We went down to the old VW/Porsche/Mercedes salvage yard and purchased a center console out of an old Mercedes. The thing was tiny, but our Glock 19 still fit - not only did it fit, it freed up room in this very small console box. Here's a few pictures of how it worked out.

The holster featured here is a 2nd Generation design, we don't make these anymore. Next up we will publish an article that takes us from the 2nd generation holster to what we make today, our current car holster design.

Save room in your console, order your car holster from Texas Custom Holsters.

Car Holsters Concept to Production - Initial Design

Photo Gallery

This is a gallery of our second generation car holsters. Our first design never made it to production past two or three prototypes. This second pass made it to a Texas Gun Show where we sold about 30 holsters. We did this photo shoot largely in preparation for that gun show.

The main feature of the holster is a completely flat side. That flat side is the magic, it enables you to attach the holster to any surface without it flopping, sliding, or moving around on you. We also spread out the mounting points as far as possible to maximize stability, kind of like a car's wheel base. The further out the more stable.

Visit the Texas Custom Holsters online store to order yours!