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Conceal Carry Violations

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Is it reasonable to assume that someone would recognize that you’re carrying a firearm?

If someone were to just look at you normally, would they obviously see that you’re carrying a handgun?

If someone put some effort into it, could they figure out that you’re carrying a handgun?

You’re carrying a firearm, and nobody sees it, then by definition it is concealed enough. If someone sees you’re armed but doesn’t think anything of it, then you’re in an awkward position. If someone sees your firearm and calls the police then you’re in violation. If the police see you’re armed, you might be in violation. We all know how to judge that we’re carrying concealed, but mistakes happen, you know?

Long story short. I got pulled over. Speeding 50 in a 45. My gun was in the driver door panel, mostly concealed, I mean unless you’re putting your head through the window and looking for a gun you wouldn’t see it. Rolled down my window, handed my licenses to the officer.

Here’s how it went:

Yes I’m armed.

Where is it

In the door panel


Here (pointing cautiously)

(Partner through passenger window) I see it! right there by his leg.

Please step out of the vehicle sir.

Whether or not the gun was concealed didn’t even come up. The one officer was just excited he could see the gun. They took the gun for the duration of the ticket writing, and then gave it back to me.

What’s your story? Have you been slapped with or nearly slapped with a conceal carry violation?

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