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Velcro Mount Gun Holsters Reality

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Velcro has always been on my mind as a solid mounting option. Versatile and super easy to mount, it seems ideal. The problems during testing didn’t arise from the velcro on the holster, rather from the velcro sticking to the car panel. Car holsters are unique in that they don’t get jostled around too much, but they do need to stay put for long periods of time. After much debate, we’re now offering velcro as a mounting option for your next car holster.

Velcro Mounted Gun Holster in Safe

Gun Holsters With Velcro

  • Include velcro stitched into the back of the holster
  • Do not include a spare magazine holder on the back of the holster
  • Do not include a standard mounting kit
  • Still work with standard mounting kit, so if you wanted to later secure the holster further with hardware you can do that

Glue Melts in Desert Heat

The velcro on the holster will be glued and stitched so it won’t just peel off in excessively hot conditions. If you happen to live in a hot climate and want to use velcro, sticking to your car’s carpet is definitely an option, you don’t even need the other half of the velcro. If you do end up sticking the other half of the velcro to a car panel, please be conscious that the heat can cause the velcro glue to separate from the car panel. This happened to us in Texas in less than a week during the summer prototype tests.

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