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The Perfect Car Holster

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We made a great car holster, but our quest for the perfect holster was far from over. We tested and tested and then tested some more and came up with some interesting finds that would cause us to tweak this holster design and turn it into the perfect car holster.

Five Features of the Perfect Car Holster

Here are the primary features that drove our design and evolution of these exceptional car holsters:

Rigid. Can mount the holster to flimsy or flexible surfaces Adaptable to many different mounting locations / angles / and works both left and right handed Effortlessly draw your firearm without jamming your fingers or making awkward motions Save room by keeping the gun close to the mounting surface, not jutting out from the surface Minimize impact to mounting surface Rigid Mount

The mounting system had to be rigid. This is because most surfaces in your car are curved. If the mounting plate curved or deformed then the holster would deform and your gun would no longer fit correctly.

Multiple Options

Options are all about accessibility, safety, usability. If you’re constrained then the holster simply wouldn’t work for a lot of cases. With many options available to you, you can get the gun holster mounted in the perfect position maximizing your firearm’s utility.

Effortless Draw

A gun is worthless if you can’t easily put it to use. We don’t want you to have to train yourself on your new holster. It should just work. This means a very tight fit so that friction holds the gun in place. No straps, clamps, snaps or other awkward devices making it difficult to remove the gun. Effortless also means plenty of room for your hand. Just reach out grasp the handle and then draw your firearm.

Save Room

Who doesn’t need more room? With your firearm held comfortably against the wall of your console box or glove box you’ll find that you still have room for your gloves, sunglasses, and extra magazines in there.

Minimize Impact

As minimal of an impact as possible to the vehicle. To this end we reduced the number of screws to three, that along with a tiny hole diameter (#6 screws) there really isn’t much done to your vehicle’s interior panels. Want to do something different? The mounting bracket is rigid so it should adapt to other panels that you could then secure inside your car as well.

The Perfect Holster

These are the car holsters that we press today. A design that is now field tested with over 1500 units sold and with an ever expanding list of firearms covered, chances are we can make a car holster for at least one of your firearms. Take a look at our product page.

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